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Common sense must always play a part in our decisions of whether or not to set up due to certain weather conditions. Therefore, these rules are not hard-and-fast, they are strong guidelines which we use to make sometimes tough calls that may effect your event. Please know that we always make decisions with the utmost concern for your Safety and our Liability. Also, please know that we rely on weather experts to make these tough calls. Unfortunately, they are not always reliable. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. If you choose to cancel by 5pm the day before your rental delivery date due to the prediction of inclement weather, you will not be charged. However, after that deadline, you will be responsible for either 100% of your rental purchase if we have delivered and setup. or $50 delivery is attempted and the weather prevents setting up. This means if you choose not to enact your weather exemption at the time of offer, you will be charged regardless of rental time used.


If there is 30% or less chance of rain, please plan on getting your inflatable. Rain is different than passing showers. Here in Hampton Roads we often get the passing shower, We normally delivery as scheduled when the forecast is for passing showers. We give our customers a chance to reschedule, cancel, or go on as planned or watch and wait. When you do not receive the inflatable there is NO CHARGE. If you do receive the inflatable, the full amount will be charged - even if it rains in the middle of your event.

If there is 40% or higher of chance of rain, we will make the decision based on the forecast and contact you to reschedule or cancel your event, Again, if you do not receive the inflatable there is NO CHARGE.


The temperature must be 40 or higher before we can deliver, and we must pick up before the temperature falls below 40 . When we do not set up there is NO CHARGE.

WHY? Cold temperatures cause the vinyl to get very hard and stiff (difficult to bounce on) and damage to the units can result from flexing the vinyl. It is also very difficult to pickup & roll vinyl inflatables in cold temperatures. Our employees (setup professionals) also become much more prone to injury when the temperatures get too cold..


Wind speeds cannot exceed 20 mph, and wind gusts must be considered as well.
WHY? This is strictly a safety issue. Even though we anchor your unit securely into the ground, excessive winds can create a real safety issue. Also if the ground has been saturated by rain the stakes will not secure the bounce houses adequately. When we do not set up there is NO CHARGE.

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